Yard Debris Services Halted in Helena. What Can You Do Now?

by | Dec 22, 2022 | Yard Debris Removal

On September 26, the Helena City Council voted to discontinue the city’s yard debris removal service, leaving over 6,500 households in their jurisdiction without the means to dispose of their leaves, limbs, and other yard waste. In addition, the city chose to end the annual free Bulk Trash Day, leaving residents searching for an easy way to dispose of larger household items such as old appliances and broken furniture.

The city’s lawn debris removal service officially ended on October 28, and you may be wondering what to do now. We have the solution – locally owned and family operated Alabama Debris.

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Why did the city council discontinue the yard debris service?

The city sponsored yard debris program was subscription-based, with each customer paying a monthly fee. These fees did not cover the cost of the program and the city was unable to find a solution that would allow the program to continue without raising taxes.

City Councilman Chris VanCleave proposed an alternative – to use a third-party company to provide the yard debris removal service to all residents. Private companies are often able to offer better results at a lower price than local governments, and the yard debris removal program was no exception. With a third-party, the city would have been able to expand the program to include pickup for large household items like mattresses, appliances, and furniture. In addition, a third-party would have provided service to an extended number of residents, at a lower price. However, this solution was not implemented.

Without a city program, residents will now have to arrange for their own yard debris disposal. Luckily, Alabama Debris has stepped in to fill this gap.

Alabama Debris – Your Local Yard Debris Removal Company

Alabama Debris is a locally owned and family operated yard debris removal service.

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Our service began operations in mid-November with the goal of providing a reliable, cost-effective alternative for Helena residents to dispose of their yard debris in the absence of a city sponsored program.

We offer weekly pickup of yard debris for Helena residents and one-time pickups of bulk yard debris and other household items. With weekly yard debris removal from Alabama Debris, you can:

  • Tackle your landscaping projects – knowing that debris removal is scheduled.
  • Feel confident that your yard looks its best without piles of leaves or limbs cluttering your curb.
  • Ensure your family’s safety by not resorting to burning leaves and limbs for disposal.
  • Save time and money by not having to dispose of lawn debris yourself.

With One-Time Bulk Waste Pickup from Alabama Debris, you can:

  • Rid yourself of unwanted rubbish easily.
  • Prevent injury from attempting to load and unload heavy items into your own truck.
  • Save time spent arranging for disposal or disposing of these items on your own.

Whether you need a reliable service to remove leaves and limbs from your regular lawn maintenance, or a one-time removal of bulk rubbish, Alabama Debris can help.

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How much does it cost?

Weekly yard debris pickup costs just $24 / month. However, our first 1,000 customers can receive this service at a reduced price of $21 / month. Bi-weekly pickup is also available for a reduced price of $18 / month. One-time bulk waste pickup is available starting at $150 for up to 3,000 pounds.

To request service, fill out the simple form on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Sign Up Today for Weekly Yard Debris Removal from Alabama Debris

Now that the city no longer has a program to remove your yard debris, you need to find an alternative. Alabama Debris is the best choice. We provide reliable, clean, and cost-effective removal of yard debris and large items.

To sign up for our weekly yard debris removal service, fill out the short form on our website and we will contact you with your pickup date. If you need to schedule a one-time pickup, we can help with that too. Just select “one-time bulk waste pickup” on our contact form and we will get you on the schedule. We look forward to filling the void left by the city and helping you keep your property clean!